Aviator - a new game for fans of fast games

Free instant games are gaining popularity in the world of gambling entertainment. They assume a quick result. One of their main advantages is that players do not have to come up with a strategy, wait until the end of the round or tour, collect the winnings in bits and pieces. In instant games, the principle of all or nothing applies.

Among such games are "Thimbles", "Heads or Tails". But the novelty, which is actively gaining supporters, is the , developed by the studio Spribe. It has a simple interface, simple and clear rules. Even if you are a beginner, you can quickly orient yourself. All the nuances can be found out in demo mode.

Key features of the game Aviator

After launching the game (available from smartphones and computers) in front of the player two screens. You can make only one bet, and you can simultaneously two. The second option is beneficial for insurance. Also available is the option of "auto bet", pre-specifying the amount. Among the key features of the game "Aviator" is worth pointing out:

  1. The duration of the round is 8-30 seconds. After the end, another round with new bets begins.
  2. There is no program. The results are determined randomly and do not depend on the amount and frequency of bets.
  3. The bets are made in live mode and it is necessary to be present during the game to pick up the bet in time.
  4. Before you start betting, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules. It is also necessary to practice in demo mode. This is a non-standard game in which you need to get used to.

How to play "Aviator"?

The game interface is divided into three sectors. The main one is a screen with an airplane. The two lower parts are betting windows. You can make a round at once two bets or only one. There is no need to press anything additional to start the game. Each round starts 10 seconds after the end of the previous round. Rules:

Recall that entry to the institution is allowed for persons over 21 years of age. Play in Aviator can be completely free through the demo mode.